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Discover the unique charm of Florrie & Rose's crystal bracelet collection, each piece meticulously handcrafted in our UK studio. Explore our range featuring the serene Alabaster Luster, the historically rich Amber Gold, and more, each embedded with the natural allure of crystals. Perfect for enhancing any outfit, our bracelets offer both beauty and a touch of crystal magic. Whether you're looking for a standout accessory or a harmonious addition to your bracelet stack, our collection caters to every style. Shop now for an elegant fusion of fashion and crystal energy, with free UK shipping on orders over £10.
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  • Pink-Turquoise-Gold
  • Cream-Brown
  • Blue-Green
  • Brown-Ochre-Grey
  • Black-Gold
  • Blue-White
  • Fuschia-Blue-Gold
  • Pink-Orange-Brown
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