Crystal Disclaimer

Crystals should not be used in place of medical care.

The properties of crystals are not scientifically proven.

Just because they work for one person does not mean they work for all.

In addition to the above statement, and due to changes in UK Law enacted on 26th May 2008, Florrie & Rose would also like to point out that when we talk about, discuss online and in person or hand out literature relating to the healing properties of crystals and stones, we are communicating to you our own personal beliefs and experiences.


Are our crystals ethically scourced?

Unfortunatley it is very difficult to trace the journey of semi-precious crystal beads. We are constantly on the look out for suppliers that can provide the full journey but they just don't seem to exist at the moment [if you know of any then please do let us know!!].

That being said, we don't sell Lapiz Lazuli or Coral.

Lapiz Lazuli is known to be a conflict stone as it is mostly mined in Afganistan under the Taliban rule. They make millions a year from it so we won't use it.

We also stay away from Coral as it damages the oceans, and we don't want any part of that!

We pledge to always be looking for better suppliers, whatever is in our control we will do.



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